Enchiladas Verdes $9.18

(Green Enchiladas)

Three Enchiladas topped with chicken, tomatillo sauce, and Monterrey jack cheese served with rice, beans and two tortillas.


Chile Relleno $9.97

Poblano pepper filled with taco meat and topped with Ranchero or Queso sauce, served with rice, beans and two tortillas.


Monday - Friday

  Enchiladas $9.18
  Three enchiladas topped with meat sauce, beef, chicken, or cheese with rice, beans and two tortillas.

Specials Menu

Monday - Friday
11 AM -3 PM


Pescado Asado Plate $9.97

(Grilled Fish Plate)
Grilled Seasoned Tilapia fish on a bed of corn, diced red and green peppers and diced onions. Served with charro beans, lettuce, tomato and rice.


Pollo a la Parrilla $9.97

​(Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast)
Ranchero or Queso sauce served with rice, beans and two tortillas.


Carne Guisada Plate $9.97

Beef Tips with gravy served with rice, beans, and two tortillas.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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